Our Curriculum Overview

A Commitment to Excellence

At Sri Mayapur International School, we want all our students to have a great learning experience. That’s why we offer a mix of different activities to help them grow spiritually and academically.

We make sure each student gets the support they need to do well in all subjects and succeed in life, aligning with the Cambridge curriculum for a well-rounded education and a promising future.


Unlock the essentials of accounting theory and practice for future success!


Explores biology basics, fostering understanding and practical science skills for learners.


Learn basic principles and concepts fundamental for Chemistry with focus on practical skills.

Combined Science

Covers Biology, Chemistry, and Physics, featuring a holistic scientific understanding with a practical skill emphasis.

Computer Science

Cultivates computational thinking, problem-solving, and technical skills.


Builds a solid foundation in economic theory, analysis, terminology and principles.


Refines communication abilities for effective expression and develops more general analysis and communication skills.

English Literature

Promotes comprehensive text analysis and interpretation, encouraging personal engagement and broader understanding.


Immerses learners in entrepreneurial thinking and practical business skills.

Food and Nutrition

Covers theoretical and practical food preparation, emphasizing nutrition and culinary skills.


Cultivates a comprehensive understanding of diverse environments and human interactions globally.


Studies major global issues of the 19th and 20th centuries, fostering historical knowledge and critical thinking skills.


Nurture mathematical competency, problem-solving, and communication skills across all ability levels.

Physical Education

Offers a comprehensive exploration of both practical and theoretical aspects, aiming to enhance enjoyment and understanding of physical activity for improved performance and well-being.


Instills a strong foundation in scientific principles and practical skills, fostering an interest in science and preparing learners for further education or careers in related fields.


Inspires learners to develop their knowledge and understanding of Sanskrit language and literature.